5 modules, each module duration is 2 days total course duration 10 days - 50 implants.

Module 1

  • Introduction to Implantology
  • Parts of Implant / Armamentarium
  • Applied Anatomy
  • Osseointegration / Wound healing
  • Patient preparation for implant surgery
  • Surgerical principles for implant surgery
  • Diagnosis aids in implantology
  • Bone assessment

Module 4

  • Implant over-dentures.
  • Guidelines for Immideate extraction & Implant placement.
  • Immediate loading protocols for implants.
  • Progressive bone loading.
  • Occlusion considerations.
  • Aesthetic considerations in implant treatments.
  • Advanced implant prosthetic options.

Module 2

  • Diagnosis for single implant placement
  • Treatment planning for single implant
  • Implant selection
  • Guidelines for placement
  • Second stage - Gingival former placement
  • Impression procedure for implantology
  • Different implant system

Module 5

  • Maxillary Sinus Anatomy & its Limitations.
  • Guidelines for successful implant therapy in posterior maxilla.
  • Indications & Contraindications for sinus grafting.
  • CT planning of cases with advanced implant planning software.
  • Conventional Surgical Techniques.
  • Crestal (Osteotome) approach/internal sinus lift technique.
  • Step by step presentation of conventional crestal approach.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the crestal Osteotome technique.
  • Complications associated with sinus graft surgery and their managements.
  • Lateral Window approach.
  • Step by step presentation of conventional lateral window approach.
  • Decision making of Simultaneous or delayed implant placement.
  • Graft materials used for the sinus grafting.
  • Newer modified sinus lift techniques for the lateral approach.
  • Lateral Sinus lift technique using piezo surgery unit.
  • Disadvantages of lateral approach.

Module 3

  • Prosthetic options for single implant
  • Diagnosis & treatment planning for Over denture
  • Over denture surgical planning.
  • Over denture prosthetic options
  • Implant failures & complications
  • Revise of 1st and 2nd modules

Course Highlights

  • Hands on Training on patients
  • Seeing is beleving: Emphasis on developing psychomotor skills and hands on clinic training with prosthodontic management.
  • Do it yourself - participants given hands on training on patients.
  • Simple and user friendly procedures
  • Curriculum designed with lecturers, clinicals and lab exercises under one roof.
  • Overview of pros and cons of currently available implant systems.
  • Participants are allowed to bring their own kits and patients also.


  • Endodontic Practice
  • Fellowship
  • Mastership
  • Diplomate
  • Basic Implantology

MAIN COURSE - Mastership programme

MAIN COURSE - Diplomate programme

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