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(Teeth-Staining Frequently Asked Questions)

Oral hygiene is very much important as the hygiene of any other body part. Therefore it is important for any person to know about the frequently asked questions upon the teeth whitening procedures which are quite in trend right now!

However, maintaining healthy and white teeth in today’s world is quite hard since the food and beverages we have in our daily lives tend to put a strain on our teeth from the prolonged consumption of the same. However, keeping in mind the following facts might help you to maintain the teeth whitening results for a long period of time.

1. Does insurance cover the cost of the whole procedure of teeth whitening?
No. Usually, dental insurance does not cover the cost of the procedure of teeth whitening.

2. How long does the teeth whitening effect last usually?
As you should know, the teeth whitening procedure does not usually last permanently. People who have different types of food and beverages throughout the day could see that the whiteness in their teeth has been starting to fade away in little less than a month. Those who avoid the food and beverages which are likely to cause the stain may see the whitening in their teeth stay for a year or even more than a year sometimes. After a year or so, their teeth need a bit of touch up or another coating of the whitening procedure.

3. Do the enamel coating of the tooth get damaged during the whole procedure of teeth whitening?
Various studies have shown that the main constituent of the teeth whiteners which is carbamide peroxide which is also in the amount of only 10%. The effect of the same obviously showed no damage to the hardness or mineral coating of the enamel on the surface of the tooth.

4. Do the teeth whiteners damage any sort of existing dental restorations?
Over the past 10 years, the use of dental whiteners which consists of only 10% of carbamide peroxide has not shown any signs of causing any sorts of damage to the already existing fillings. The correct term should not be however damaging to the existing restorations but keeping in mind that previously done crown colored fillings, bonding, veeners, and bridges do not lighten. This simply means that the existing dental implant would be needing a new shade in order to match the color of your teeth.

5. Do teeth whiteners cause any damage to any sort of nerve in the tooth?
There is no possible evidence that teeth whitening procedure is in any way harmful to the effect of the health of the nerve in a tooth. One a recent study which ash been performed based on the reports of various patients, in a time span of 4.5 to 7 years no individual needed a teeth whitening system which later in the time period caused any sort of root canal procedure on any teeth that has been whitened likewise.

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