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What is Laser Dentistry?




What is Laser Dentistry: Uses, Safety features & benefits?

Laser dentistry is a great alternative for anaesthesia & drill procedures. Lasers will give you great relief from the bacteria present in the cavity. Killing such bacteria will provide a great relief from further decay or damage to your mouth. The laser in dentistry adds quality to the existing treatment by making it quick, painless, minimally invasive, and bloodless. In addition to that, post-treatment healing is also faster than traditional treatment.

Laser is also useful in Photodynamic therapy (PDT) which involves the use of a photosensitizer with a laser in presence of oxygen. With PDT we can treat oral cancer, bacterial and fungal infection, etc.

Here are a few reasons why laser dentistry is best?

  • Remove unwanted bacteria
  • Reshape the gums
  • Rapid pain relief with no side effect
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Immediate repair of superficial injuries, such as wounds and ulcers

Laser dental treatment has been used in numerous dental procedures like:

  • Treating Gum Diseases
  • Treats Hypersensitivity
  • Tooth decay
  • Teeth whitening

Safety features of laser dentistry

Laser procedure can be done at two parts of the tissue. Hard tissue (Teeth) & Soft tissue (Gums)

  • Laser dentistry is used for detecting cavities at the earlier stage.
  • It will help us to get great relief from anaesthesia & some complex drill procedures, which may cause many days of getting back to normal forms
  • After the laser dental treatment, the laser sterilises the area and is less prone to bacteria infection.
  • In laser dental treatment, surrounding tissues in the area get less damaged.
  • Laser treatments are quicker than traditional surgeries hence one of the best options for kids with limited coping ability.
  • Lasers will sterilise gums lowering the chances of infection.
  • During laser dental treatment, surrounding tissues in the area get less damaged.

These are about the laser dentistry, uses & benefits of laser dentistry. Consult our specialist for any queries.


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